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Pricing to suit your Needs!

Unlike a physical store that limits your target market to your surrounding region, a webstore gives you the opportunity to discover target markets that you never knew needed your products.

Today, about 80% of consumers use the internet to look up product reviews, compare product prices, and find alternate stores to buy what they need. Therefore, not selling your products online could be hurting your business hugely. For small scale businesses launching a webstore can be a daunting and extremely expensive task, which altogether deters the business from ever launching the online store. 

So, could you set up a cheap but rather effective webstore for your business? Yes. It is possible.

If you run a small scale business that does not need to necessarily handle Online Payments, you could opt to have your website integrated with a Shopping Cart that on checkout, instead sends both the business owner and the customer an Order Email - detailing the items they had ordered from your store. The Order Email could also provide the buyer with the details on how to pay for their products before shipping to them.

Another option would to integrate Paypal Checkout as a payment gateway - which hugely reduces the daunting task of setting up SSL Certificates, Merchant IDs, etc.

webstore Features

  • individually Designed Website
  • CMS & Control Panel (cPanel)
  • Membership & User Registration
  • shopping Cart
  • Coupon & Discount Codes
  • paypal Integration / Order Emailing Checkout 
  • on-Page SEO
  • google Analytics Setup
  • facebook, Instagram & Twitter Integration
  • contact Forms
  • blog Integration
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • domain Name (.fi or .com)
  • email Addresses

79.90 / month + VAT

This plan is most suitable for small scale businesses. It is features webstores that are custom designed, offer maximum user-comfort, reliable, and offer efficient information and product delivery.

The plan does not include processing Credit Cards on checkout, however it is possible to integrate checkout via Paytrail or Paypal payment gateways. Alternatively, you could opt to include Order Emailing as a checkout for your shopping cart.

Pricing is either billed yearly or semi-annually!



Well, unlike most website payment plans, your website adopts a CUSTOMIZED, SELF-HOSTED CMS; meaning, your website is not built from a PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATE.

On the contrarily, as a client, you have the freedom to dictate the development of the entire website design - pointing out ideas and revising them to suit your brand needs.


On average, corporate websites require 3-6 weeks depending on the number of pages requested plus any additional client's request in changes.

Individual websites, Blogs, and Portfolios take on average 3 weeks to complete.

Webstores require a minimum of 6 weeks to complete.


Website Design and Webstore Development includes UNLIMITED SUPPORT provided through emails [ hello@joekaranka.com ], telephone [ +358 409 311 996 ] calls and via Support Tickets.