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project Brief


Tehoimport Oy is a Finnish based company that deals with the provision of wholesale and retail cleaning products that range from floor waxing solutions and cleaning detergents.

When Kostas Dimitras, the Tehoimport Director approached me with the idea of re-designing their current website, he was vocal in his desire to have the new website harnessing the power of product storytelling to drive conversions and engage customers by providing them detailed PDF versioned product guides; and creating a blog platform on which to share expertise and product news.

launch Site
services Offered:
  • E-Commerce with Shopping Cart
  • Information Architecture
  • UX & Prototyping
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Accessibility
  • SEO & Analytics

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case Study

01/ Objectives

  • a) Implement a fully responsive solution backed by a Custom CMS and a fully working Shopping Cart
  • b) Increase brand equity and online reach by focusing on solid content additions and user engagement
  • c) Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalogue with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points
  • d) Expand content and product offerings to create brand recognition
  • e) Reorganize and expand current blog for enhanced search and browse-ability of content

02/ Challlenges

Tehoimport had a brochure-type of website. Clients could not be able to purchase the vast variety of products the company was offering. 

Kostas was able to work with me to set a more visual and engaging experience for Tehoimport. Together we came up with a better overall experience in presenting and exploring products, which centralized the content and made it pleasurable and intuitive to navigate. He wanted to make sure that clients could easily signup, shop and eventually order their selected items.

The site wouldn't accept online payment. Instead, the client would receive an Invoice with the payment info of their shopping cart. Upon payment, the products would then be shipped to them.

03/ Solutions

Tehoimport Oy as was, had a strong brand, and a non-functional brochure website.My focus was on making the shopping experience of their products as intuitive and self-serving as possible. Interconnectivity within the site was paramount.

Visitors can find washing chemicals, detergents, floor waxing solutions; and also find accompanying PDF versioned user manuals for the respective products chosen for guidance while using the products.

A fluid, bold typography and vibrant colour palette was chosen to enhance and draw the focus to the bright, colourful brand.

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