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Branding is not only how a company presents itself - it's also how the company's Values & Ethos are represented.

A brand identity is what makes a company recognizable to its target audience. It is what sets your business apart form your competition. If your brand identity is well strategized, your consumers are able to easily associate your brand with the products or services you offer. Consequently, an association founded of Loyalty is built between you and your customers.

company Logo Design

50 + VAT

The logo is a core aspect of your brand identity. It is your company's first visual cue that connects your products or services to the customer's mind. It should therefore leave a lasting impression and impact about your brand.

business Cards & Letterhead Design

30 + VAT

A business card is the first branding and marketing element that you give to prospective customers. They also provide a contact reference when clients want to get in touch. Letterheads create a sense of Authenticity & professionalism.

Brochure & company Profiles

100 + VAT

Brochures & Company Profiles act as references of your products or services - providing relevant info about your offerings to prospective customers. They are also a source of leads when used for direct-mail advertising campaigns.

flyers / poster Design

100 + VAT

Flyers are a cost-effective, low-effort and yet a high impact form of marketing. They provide a way to reach targeted customers through placing details and information about your company, products and services directly into your target customers' hands.