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about Me.

I'm a Graphic and Website Designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I have a passion for simplicity and ease-of-use. That is what defines me as a Designer. I specialize in Brand Identity & Web Development.

the Designer

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I started working on websites and tinkering with design programs as early as 2011. By 2013, I had already ventured into freelance design and ever since, that is what I have been involved in: Helping clients build a competitive presence for their business through Digital Channels such as Websites, Email Marketing & Web Banners, and also through Print Mediums such as, Brochures, Flyers, Roll-Ups, Business cards, company profiles, etc. 

I am based in Helsinki, Finland. It is also where I call home.

I have a passion for Simplicity and Ease-of-Use. It is what defines me as a designer. What differentiates me from other designers is my level of Involvement in my designs' development. I actively engage with my clients from as early as their project's inception phase through the execution phase; and actively avail myself for unlimited support after the project has been finalized.

I approach my projects in a rather simplistic manner: I start by Asking Questions, then I Define Suitable Approaches for the project and finally, I Draw up an Execution Plan that involves coming up with Solutions that comprise:

  • a) Strategy
  • b) Information Architecture
  • c) User Experience
  • d) Visual Design Layout
  • e) Front & Back-End Design

I'm active on Linkedin, Behance, Dribbble and Instagram as well.
Am always looking forward towards exploring new projects and challenges. So, GET IN TOUCH.


Cost Effective Website & Graphic Design options for any company size.

Is your brand presence and reputation competitive and creating the right impression about your business? Are all the aspects in your marketing strategy coherent with the values that your business advocates for?

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Get a detailed study of your project, requirements, planning and suggested options. On request, project wireframes can be provide for re-design or design of your project.

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Is your Digital Marketung working for you? Get a detailed SEO Competitor Analysis, Link Building guidlines and other ways to imorove your website's rank on SERP.

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